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The Women’s Circle is a women’s ministry that was birthed to Ericka Lawton and Ophelia Mixon by God. In 2008 God gave Ophelia the vision of a group of women coming together in real fellowship and connection with the Lord. In this group or circle, women would learn how to strengthen their relationship with God, thereby strengthening their relationships with each other and those they are connected to. Years later in 2012, God began to speak to the heart of Ericka and she began to see the same vision about women. As Ericka and Ophelia began to communicate, they discovered that God was speaking the same things. He also began showing each woman the same things. Women’s ministry was loud and clear in both of their hearts.

“For these are the women that I have called”, said the Lord. The name given to this ministry is called, “The Women’s Circle”.

 It binds women in sisterhood, love, peace, and unity. These pillars are necessary ingredients to build up the women in the Kingdom of God.

Woman Praying